About our Memberships

At Hidden Oaks Golf Course, we take pride in offering a diverse range of membership options to cater to golfers of all preferences and skill levels. From those who enjoy a leisurely game and prefer walking the course, to the competitive golfer seeking unlimited access and league participation, our memberships are designed to enhance your golfing experience. Each membership tier has been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the benefits and access you desire, ensuring that every visit to our course is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.

Membership Tiers

Platinum Membership: The Ultimate Golfing Experience – $1,225

For those seeking the pinnacle of golfing privileges, our Platinum Membership offers unlimited green fees, exclusive use of a new Yamaha golf cart, eligibility for three leagues (with additional league fees), USGA membership including GHIN Handicap services, and discounted entry for all course-run tournaments. Platinum members enjoy reserved cart use for leagues, tournaments, and open play, with a tee time reservation required to ensure availability. This membership is available to golfers over 18 who have a signed cart waiver on file.

Gold Membership: Comprehensive Golfing Benefits – $1,075

The Gold Membership is designed for golfers looking for unlimited access to the greens, standard cart use for open play (up to 18 holes per day), participation in two leagues (with additional fees), and USGA membership including GHIN Handicap services. This option is perfect for those over 16 years old, with a mandatory signed cart waiver.

Silver Membership: Essential Golfing Privileges – $925

Our Silver Membership offers unlimited greens fees, standard cart use for open play (maximum of 18 holes per day), participation in one league (with additional fees), and USGA membership with GHIN Handicap services. Available to golfers 16 and older, this membership requires a signed cart waiver and provides an excellent balance of access and affordability.

Each of our memberships is thoughtfully designed to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience at Hidden Oaks. With options available for purchase online, joining our golfing family has never been easier. We invite you to explore these options and find the perfect fit for your golfing lifestyle as we look forward to an incredible season together.

Senior Golf Membership: For the Early Birds – $550

Our Senior Golf Membership caters to players 62 and older, offering the chance to enjoy the course in the tranquility of the morning. This membership allows for 18 holes of play from opening until 2 pm, Monday through Friday, including standard cart rental. Tee times can be conveniently booked online or through the pro shop, ensuring you never miss your early tee time. This membership is valid for open play and does not include league play.

Bronze Membership: Ideal for the Casual Golfer – $249

Our Bronze Membership, previously known as the “Anniversary Membership,” offers a fantastic opportunity for casual golfers to enjoy our course at a significantly reduced rate. This membership allows walking access to the greens from Monday to Friday before 2 pm and on weekends after 2 pm. For those looking for a ride, carts are available at a discounted rate of $12 for 9 holes and $22 for 18 holes during open play, subject to availability and potential pairing. Please note, this membership is exclusive to those over 16 with a valid driver’s license and does not cover league play or cart pass purchases.

Junior Green Fee Walking: For the Young Golfers – $175

Designed specifically for golfers aged 11-15, our Junior Membership encourages walking the course on weekdays before 2 pm and weekends after 2 pm. Though cart rentals are generally not included, exceptions are made when a junior is accompanied by an adult with a valid license and paid cart fees. This membership is perfect for encouraging young golfers to develop their skills in a supportive environment.

“How to choose between Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze”

The main differences between the Silver, Bronze, and Gold memberships at Hidden Oaks revolve around access, cart use, and league participation. Let’s break it down:
Platinum Membership
  • Offers unlimited green fees and exclusive use of a new Yamaha golf cart.
  • Enhanced League Privileges: Allows participation in three leagues, although additional fees for league and prize money are required.
  • Added Perks: Includes USGA membership and GHIN Handicap services, along with discounted entry to all course-run tournaments
Gold Membership

Unlimited Greens Fees and More Extensive Cart Use: Like the Silver, it offers unlimited access to the course but also includes the use of a standard cart for open play with the same daily maximum.
Increased League Participation: Members can join two leagues (compared to one in Silver), offering more competitive play opportunities. Additional fees for league participation apply.
Comprehensive Golfing Experience: Also includes USGA Membership and GHIN Handicap services, similar to Silver but with the added benefit of more league play.


Silver Membership
Unlimited Greens Fees: Provides unlimited access to the course, without the time restrictions of the Bronze membership.
Standard Cart Use: Includes the use of a standard cart for open play (maximum of 18 holes per day), making it more convenient for regular players.
League Participation: Allows participation in one league, although league fees and prize money are additional costs. This adds a competitive element for those interested.
Additional Benefits: Comes with USGA Membership and GHIN Handicap services.
Bronze Membership
The Bronze membership is ideal for casual or budget-conscious golfers who prefer walking. The Silver membership offers a step up with unlimited golf, cart inclusion, and league play, targeting more regular players. The Gold membership caters to the most dedicated golfers seeking extensive access and the full competitive experience with additional league options and the same cart use benefits as Silver.
Targeted at Casual Golfers: This is an entry-level option best suited for casual players.
Walking Access: Members can walk the course Mondays through Fridays before 2 pm and on weekends after 2 pm.
Discounted Cart Rental: Offers discounted cart rentals ($12 for 9 holes, $22 for 18 holes) during open play, subject to availability. Cart use is not included as part of the membership fee.
Exclusions: Does not include league play or the option to purchase a cart pass. It’s primarily designed for those who prefer walking or occasional play.